Derived names from Vedas

In Ramayana, When Sugreeva sends his army in four directions in search of Seeta, he mentions seven islands to the army going to east direction.

The names of these islands (dveepas) are:
yava-dwipa > became Java (ya changed to ja),
suvarna-dwipa > Sumatra ??
and some more.

If you look closely at the names of cities in Indonesia, Malesia, Thailand etc... they all seem to be crude distortion of some Sanskrit names...

e.g. Java, Sumatra, Bali (Vaali ??), Combodia (Kambhoj ?), Pattaya, Surabaya, Singapore ( Simha-pur सिंहपुर ? Do you remember the lion-like statue shown in Singapore tourist ads ?)

one more Example
we call yesu (yesus)
in scandinevia they call him jesu
in english it became jesus

if origins r same then this similarities
r quite obvious(major concern is why they dont accept it )

this moslems r also not diffrent
turk word came from sanskrit turushka
we used to call jews yahudi
then 1ce again diffrent tribe of moslem
we used to call them yawan(in time of great shivaji maharaj)

Aleksandr==> in russia
alakshendra==> in sanskrit

norse mythology is like xerox of ours
number of similarities between odin
& indra

in egypt

Ramasis==> Ram-ashish
they r from sun race ==> surya wanshj
but western archeologist neva find it
rather they try to prove how it is diffrent

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