Celestial Weapons( Ancient WEAPON)

Celestial weapons
I think the celestial weapons of those days can be scientifically seen as modern day weapons:
1. Brahma Astra: Nuclear Fission Bomb (For causing widespread destruction)
2. Pashupata Astra: Nuclear Fusion Bomb (Once started i could not be stopped)
3. Narayana Astra: Neutron Bomb ( Could be directed at a single target)
As we know, the Indians at that time had tremendous scientific knowledge.
Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh were the equivalent of Positive, Neutral and Negative Energy... as we see today as being manifest in the smallest building block i.e. Atom.
It contains positive energy in the form of Protons.
Neutral energy in the form of Neutrons.
Negative energy in the form of Electrons.
In this way, as we say, the trinity is present in the very building block of this universe.

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