Places of Mahabharata

Places of Mahabharata
Got an idea of listing the places coming in Mahabharata. Append the name to the list and can describe its significance in few sentences. Here i'm starting with:

Hastinapur is the capital of emporer Bharat and even now it remains the capital as Delhi :)
konkaN : Kokan (region that lies along western coastline of India, in Maharashtra state)

Hastinapura, Indraprashta, Uttarkuru, Gandhar, Sindhu, Konkan, Kurukshetra,
Dwaraka has been clearly mentioned in MBH as 'dwaarvarti'. I guess the exact word 'dwaraka' is not there. Somebody pls correct me if reqd.
The mention of dwaraka comes in Mausala parva, where the yaduvamshi people destroy themselves as cursed by Gandhari.
Also another interesting know is...

SurajKundThis is where Drona taught Pandavas and Kauravas. This was their Gurukul. its south of Delhi!

During the peace mission, Lord Krishna asked Dhritarashtra to give only 5 villages to Panadavas.

In those days villages were called pats...and those 5 pats today are


Hastinapur is in UP..and is still called Hastinapur

As we all know is still called by the same name...
and interesting thing is nothing grows there....

so much blood flowed into that area..that the land is still barren.....

1)perhaps Gurgaon was the place where Dronacharya taught the princes. Gurgaon come from 'Guru Gram'.
2)Dehradun is the original home of dronacharya. It come from the "Dehra (home) + Dron".
3)Karn did not join the Battle for the first 10 days. He camped at the place today called Karnal.
4)During Agyat vaas of one year, the Pandavas and Draupadi stayed in Matsyadesh, somewhere on the border of Uttaranchal and Himachal pradesh. The place called Sirhind (in this region) comes from Sairindhri (Draupadi's pseudonym from that year).

It is mathura and bridhavana,
i think mathura exists still with the same name,which is the birth place of the lord

also Gokul,where the lord was brought up and where krishna leelas happened.

without these two places the topic is incomplete.
"Madra" i.e Shallya's kingdom may be madras or tamil area
Jarasandh's "Maaghad" is Bihar,
Magadh is a part of Bihar.
Anga Pradesh of which Duryodhana made Karna the King is also in current day Bihar (As far as I know). The language Angika as spokken in major parts Bihar derives its name from Anga pradesh, and Magadhi another language derives its name from Magadh.
Hastinapur is in UP, distt. Meerut.
Guraon is the place where Dron tought
kauravas & Pandavas, its older name is gurugram.
Gaushala(place for cows) of Dron were at village Dhulkot. this village is 10 KM away from main city.
During agyatvaas of one year pandava stayed in Matsayadesh. Matsayadesh is in Rajesthan. Region is in Jaipur & Alwar Distt.
Pandupol is the place in siriska national century(Alwar, Rajasthan) where bheem meet with Hanuman before agyatvaas.Temple of loard hanuman is there.

Suraj Kund, is the place where the princes were taught!!!
its not a long way from Faridabad!
Magadha was probably near modern Rajgir.
Madra was somewhere in modern Pakistan, not Madras.
Gurgaon is the place where dron tought kauravas & pandavs. Not suraj Kund, Suraj Kund area was in Khandav van. Go to the link
Supparaka --- the modern day nallasopara near Mumbai
The asrama of parasurama was believed to be at Supparaka
Supparaka was also a bustling port during Buddha's time
Parikshit Garh -> Distt. Meerut, UP. It is the place where Vidura lived with his wife. Krishna stayed here with Vidura when he came Hastinapur as a Shantidoot.
Prabhasa- Where all the Yadu race was destroyed
Manipur- Where Arjun went during his 12 yr exile before the Rajasuya. He also married the princess of Manipur Chitrangadaa and had a son from her Babhruvahana.
Vidarbha- Where the father-in-law of Krishna, Bheeshmaka and later his son Rukmi, ruled. In short the maternal home of Rukmini.
Sindhu desh- Where Jayadratha, brother-in-law of Duryodhana ruled. Jayadratha is also called Saindhava.
Barnava, Distt. Bagpat, UP -> Lakshagrah (Varnawatpradesh)
Does anybody know the name of the place Ekachakrapuram in modern India where Bhima killed the bakasura...?
The ruins of Lakshayagrah can still be found near Bagpat distt. of UP.I have visited that place.Now their is also a muslim graveyard made up over the Lakshayagrah.The exact name of the present village is mentioned a few entries above.
Modern Names (all places are in Mathura a distt. of UP) -> events
Mathura -> Where Krishna born.
Gokul -> Krishna lived in this village up his 3 years & 9 months age.
Baldevo or Dauji -> Balram Born in this village.
Raval -> Radhaji born in this village.
Nand Gaon -> Krishna lived in this villge from his age 6 years & 3 months to 9 years & 11 months.
Barsana -> Village of Radharani.
Birth Place of Krishna is Mathura, soon as he was born..his father transported him to Gokul. He lived at Gokul up to his 3 years & 9 months age. After this Nand Maharaj Moved to Deegh(Distt. Bharatpur, Rajasthan), Lohvana , Vrindavana. Krishna lived at these places up to his age 6 years & 3 months. After this they moved to Nand Gaon.
Go & visit to Brij you will come to know whole story.
Village Birbabran, Distt. Hisar, Haryana is the place where Barbareek donated is head to Krishna.
Jyotisar near Kurukshetra is the place where lord Krishna teach geeta to Arjun.
Pehwa, Distt. Kurukshetra & Pindara, Distt. Jind, Haryana Where Pandvas gave pind Daan to the war heros.

Arjun cut Jyadratha's head by arrow & his head fall in his father's lap. That place is now known as village Mundhka, near Nangloi, Delhi.
KATASRAJ temple now in Pakistan , where famous dialouge between "Yaksha" and "Yudhishtira" took place is located some where near Multan district

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