29,000 BC - Swayambhuva Manu
25,000 BC - King BARHI( The first KING mentioned in Rig-Veda)23,000 BC - Rig-Veda- early stages.
21,000 BC - taittiriya samhita
17,500 BC - Chakshusu Manu
16,000 BC - King Pruthu
15,000 BC - Vaivasvat Manu- First Avatar of Vishnu(Matsyavtar)-thebegining of the end of last ICE AGE.
13,000 BC - Indra Skanda Dialogue- This is very important celestial phenomenon mentioned in Mahabharata which describes fall of Vega star to its today'sposition from the position of today's polestar.In other words, VEGA was pole star 15,000 years ago from today. And the starwhich is pole star today was quiet high onthe horizon.
11,000-9500 BC- Glaciation’s period. End of ice age.
8000-9000 BC - DASHARAADNYA WAR4th December
7424 BC- Birth of Sri Ram7405 BC- Ram marries Seeta
7404 BC- Ram goes to exile
7391 BC- Ravan Kidnaps Seetaafter abt 5-6 months
7391-7390- Ram invades Lanka Defeat of RAAKSHAS nation.
7359-60 BC - Death of Sri Ram
6900-6000 BC - Orion period- Greeks separate and go to colonize Europe.
Around May5644 BC-Birth of Sri Krishna
16th October5561 BC Morning- Commencement of great Mahabharata Warin which almost every civilized country participated. An extreme Violent war which costed lives of about 40 lakh of highly trained military. NOT A SINGLE CIVILIANDEAD OR INJURED. Called Dharmayudhha.
5524 BC - Death of Sri Krishna-36 years after War.
5480 BC - Mahabharata completed and published by Ved Vyas.
5460 BC - Death of parikshit.
5460-3200 BC - India back into underdeveloped stage. The technology at the time of Mahabharata was not passed on to next generations. Even Arjun did notteach any of the ASTRA- SHASTRAS to Parikshit, hisown Grandson and son of Abhimanyu.This was done avoid any further disastrous war and to continuepeace. THE BIGGEST MISTAKE. The Influence of Kali started to increase in Human beings. India back into dark ages. Caste system begins to take hereditary characteristics.
3500-4000 BC - Last stages of Rig-Veda
3101 BC - Commencement of Kaliyuga ( According to PURANS)
3000-1700 BC- Indian Empire collapsed. separate JANAPADAS come intopicture.
1500- 400 BC - Caste system takes root. Gautam Buddhaand Mahavir Jain starts preaching their ideologies.
330 BC - Invasion of ALEXANDER.
320 BC - Chandragupta MauryaLater history is well knownReferences- Rig-Veda, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Srimad-Bhagvat, Skanda purana, Yajurveda, Kalidasa's Raghuvansham and Shakuntalam.Aihole inscriptions, The records of megasthenes

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